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The plateau of Mascareignes and Mauritia

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The scientific community has been studying this area for more than several decades. The following assumptions were made:


1) "Mauritia, the ghost continent submerged under the Indian Ocean"

“A hypothesis justifying these few quirks has just been presented in the journal Nature Geoscience: magma could have ripped the zircons deep up on the surface, before pouring out on the island. Consequently, Mauritius would overhang a piece of earth's crust buried several kilometers below the surface of the ocean. It would be a fragment of a new microcontinent which was caught between Madagascar and India until the end of the Cretaceous, and which received the name of Mauritia. "

2) The Mascareignes basin and the Laxmi basin by Armelle Bernard *, Marc Munschy

"Towards the north, no magnetic anomaly is clearly recognized (large number of fracture zones, poor orientation of the profiles). "


“The magnetic anomalies are well recognized on the two flanks in the compartments α, _ and γ (Figure 2), while, in the compartments δ and ε, only the western flank is interpreted.

One of the main consequences of our interpretation is that, in the Mascareignes basin, the age of the extinction of the ridge increases from the south (A27j, 59 Ma) to the north (A30, 67 Ma). North of compartment δ, magnetic anomalies no longer identify the axis of the fossil ridge. "

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3) Mauritia: The continent hidden under Reunion


“85 million years ago, the ancient continent of Mauritia stretched from Reunion to Deccan in India. He has since disappeared, but traces of his existence have been found on Mauritius. "


"A study published this week (February 4, 2017) in the scientific journal Nature Communications affirms the existence of this microcontinent named Mauritia more than 85 million years ago. Scientists from the South African University of Wits published the information. "


"The ancient continent still belonged 200 million years ago to the Gondwana supercontinent. It was housed between India and Madagascar and is said to have disappeared about 85 million years ago when the tectonic plates were removed. Time and volcanic eruptions have done their work and covered the remains of Mauritia. "

The actual indices are as follows:



- In the North-East of Madagascar, about 950 km in the North and 2000 km from the South, lies the plateau of Mascareignes.

- This continental shelf recalls the shape of Madagascar. We find there the "head" of Madagascar in its North - West part.

- With a counterclockwise rotation of about 48 °, the shape of the island fits perfectly with the traces of a continental shelf.

- In this trace, there is a deformation of the plain in an arc of a circle of about 500 km to its north.

- This arc of a circle coincides perfectly with that present in the North of Madagascar to form an astroblem of approximately 500 km in diameter.

- On the bottom of the abyssal plain, there are traces of landslides. They logically follow the debris of the eastern continental shelf in Madagascar.

Mascarene - Madagascar 1.jpg
Mascarene - Madagascar 2.jpg

Image 1

Many islands are the consequences of this event:

-  Seychelles, Desroches Island, Grand Anse, Outer Islands, etc. … Are certainly ejecta.

-  Mauritius and Reunion Island are the result of the drift of Madagascar.

Sud Mada1.jpg
Sud Mada2.jpg

In southern Madagascar, there is a trace of an impact of more than 100 km in diameter, which may have contributed to its rotation.

Its logical place

In the area of ​​the Outer Islands is certainly the piece of meteorite which gave the inertia for the displacement and the rotation as we can see it above.

On the right, a probable piece of the meteorite, about 35 km long.

In addition this piece of meteor presents two craters of meteorites.

Many small traces of impact of a few tens of meters are present

Ano mada 10b.jpg
Ano mada 10c.jpg
Ano Magne 1.jpg
Ano Magne 2.jpg

The images above represent the same area. One is a view from Google Earth, the second is a map of gravitational anomalies in this part of the globe. We can perfectly see a superb astrobleme of around 900 km in diameter with a central ring.
Did this impact intervene in the drift of Madagascar? On the other hand, it is at the origin of the Glorious Islands, Mayotte and the Comoros.

Conclusion: Mauritia and Madagascar are the same island, Mauritia is a microcontinent that has disappeared because it is no longer in its place following an impact.

This conclusion, I did not retain it as the most probable without mature reflections.

Like any scientist who has favored continental drift from tectonic faults, this hypothesis comes into conflict with. In addition, an impact that would derive an island the size of Madagascar, what a fanciful idea !!!


Chance does not exist, I needed logical answers to the questions asked:

  • • Why does the shape of Madagascar fit into the Mascarene plateau? (in addition, one finds there the head of so particular form): The most obvious answer, is that these two elements were contiguous.

  • • Once Madagascar has been put back in place by assembly, why does the “Dorsale Amirantes” complete the arch which is on the North West coast of the island as can be seen in image 1? These two arcs are complementary and formed before the drift of Madagascar, an astroblem of about 500 km in diameter.

  • • Suppose that this is indeed an impact, why so little energy was enough to start a drift? In the current state of our knowledge, we do not know the energy necessary to slide a small continental plate on an abyssal plain: what level of adhesion between the continental crust and the lithosphere? Nobody questions the fact that if you push a piece of wood on a liquid, it will "drift" depending on the energy transmitted and the direction of the force. This movement of the piece of wood is perfectly visible on our time scale, but why not 1000 km in 85,000,000 years (an average of about 1 cm / year)

  • • Why did the Mascareignes plateau not follow the island? The plateaus are mainly formed by sedimentary deposits and the immersion of the continent during the rising waters. The result of these two combinations creates a plateau so the cohesion is much weaker than the “dry” continental crust. If there is a trip, she stays put. The south of the Mascareignes plateau corresponds to the continental shelf which was on the southwest coast of the island before its displacement. As the drift progressed, it spread to the tip of Madagascar.

  • • Madagascar would be the only case of drift without tectonic faults? Of course not, even if the cases are not numerous, the Okhostk Sea, like the Mascarene basin has the same origin: displacement of a piece of continental crust like the kamchatka over 1400 km.

  • • Where are we with our knowledge of our basement? Direct observations are made by drilling only slightly more than 12 km, our current technology only allowing us to do better, and with a diameter of around twenty centimeters. The remains are hypotheses derived from indirect measurements which sometimes prove to be false: "We have also been able to discover that plankton fossils are hidden about 6,700 meters deep, under our feet. This proof of life, which dates back two billion years, could thus be stored in a hostile environment, the heat of which is estimated at around 176 ° C. This drilling also made it possible to contradict the theory of Jeffreys which affirmed that there was a border between basalt and granite in the deep terrestrial layer whereas it is not the case… .. since the scientists explained that the pressure suffered as low underground was impossible to control as the temperatures, much higher than expected (more than 180 ° C against the expected 100 ° C)…. Beyond the 10,000 kilometers, the estimates have not proved to be exact,… "



The hypotheses put forward today by some scientists are even more science fiction:​

• “Mauritia, the ghost continent submerged under the ocean”: A continent does not flow, its density makes it floats on the lithosphere, the earth's crust has a density between 2.7 and 3, the upper lithosphere goes 3, 3 and increases as a function of the depth.

• “Mauritia was then stretched and divided between these two masses (and their respective lithospheric plates) because of the plate tectonics. Its fragmentation and the immersion of the different pieces would have started during the formation of the Mascareignes basin 83.5 to 61 million years ago, in particular following the appearance of several mid-ocean ridges. Magmatic phenomena would also have contributed to burying the fragments under thick layers of lava. Seychelles would correspond, according to this new theory, to the only fragment of the microcontinent which did not sink. ": Phew !!! , The Seychelles escaped beautifully. Mauritia of elastic nature, stretched, but of course. Fortunately, phenomena have buried everything, a call to magic when scientists want to validate their theories and that's it.

• “The same closest cubic zircons were found in Madagascar 900 km away, which makes the transport of grain by wind unlikely. The hypothesis of an ancient continent unhooked from the island of Madagascar is launched. The continent was finally torn apart by the game of plate tectonics, 85 million years ago, and was covered by lava and the ocean. ………… The researchers finally demonstrate that this ancient crust is typical of the central-eastern region of Madagascar, currently located approximately 700 km west of Mauritius. »Why these researchers whose analyzes are relevant, have not deduced that Madagascar was the source of these discoveries: Quite simply that hearing that plate tectonics was responsible for everything, obscuring their analytical mind . The characteristic of a scientist is of course not to neglect history, but to question oneself if necessary.


Sources :

For a large part of the scientific community, my conclusion will be taken as heresy, a little like at the time of the inquisition with the Earth which would be round, an insult to the scientists of this period.

I await a demonstration from the scientific community, other than the silence it uses wonderfully when they have no contrary explanation to give.

I thank them in advance for their explanations to show me where my conclusion cannot be a possibility.

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